10 breeds of cats that will live happily in an apartment


10 breeds of cats that will live happily in an apartment

You live in an apartment or in a house without outside access and you do not know which cat to adopt? Discover 10 calm, affectionate, cuddly and sweet cat breeds that will enjoy life indoors without constraint. Some are very attached to their teacher and need his presence constantly, when others, more independent, support his absence if they are sufficiently stimulated by the toys and if they have a dedicated space. Make your choice !

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is ideal for those who lead a calm and quiet life. This cat does not appreciate the agitation or sources of stress, he is content with a peaceful life in an apartment, with his master he is close. He enjoys the warmth of fireplaces and radiators, being rather chilly, and he will prefer to sleep on a couch all day and play the indoor pashas that go out.

In contrast, the Russian Blue remains a curious animal, player and hunter, which is why he needs toys and accessories to stimulate him, like a cat tree, hiding places and tunnels. He can take care of you when you are away. Being relatively independent, the Russian Blue is very suitable for people who are absent during the day, provided it allows him to have his toys in quantity.

The British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a cat that adapts very well to apartment living. Peaceful, patient, affectionate and calm, he is easy going and very sociable. He appreciates the presence of his master, with whom he is sometimes sticky and especially player. Like the Russian Blue, he supports loneliness during the day, provided he leaves enough toys at his disposal.

The Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a sociable and affectionate animal, but especially very cautious! He does not appreciate outdoor adventures. Sweet, he needs attention and companionship, and he will be much happier if he is raised with other cats and if you take the time to pet him every day and play with him.

The Devon Rex has another advantage: it can be easily trained, especially to support the leash outings at your side.

Maine Coon

This big, calm cat is affectionate and sweet. He adapts very well to living in an apartment, especially if he has never known the outdoors. However, he can appreciate going out a little in a small walled garden to spend himself.

Docile, Maine Coon, however, needs to play and remains active; he will therefore need a dedicated place in the apartment to spend as he wishes. Your attention and your presence are necessary to him, otherwise he will be unhappy. If you are away for several hours a day, avoid adopting a Maine Coon, as it will be difficult to get used to loneliness, being very sociable.


The Persian is ideal for apartment living! Very calm, this cat is of a natural posed and affectionate, but it needs that one takes care of him. Docile and nonchalant, he behaves like a real stuffed animal. He does not ask to spend outside and prefer to sleep on the couch, but he can enjoy some outings in a walled garden with his master.

On the other hand, the Persian needs exercise, which is why he can have a “little fifteen minutes of madness” every day. He will begin to leap everywhere like a hyperactive, then he will calm down immediately. This allows him to spend a little, which is important for this cat who easily gain weight.

If he is gentle with children and tender, he will need daily maintenance for his long coat which tends to easily form knots. Persian also has watery eyes that should be cleaned with adequate, non-irritating wipes.

The Ragdoll

If you are looking for a perfect cat for apartment living, the Ragdoll is for you! This sweet cat, kind, affectionate and very calm appreciates the interior and the presence of his master, which he is very close. Of a natural home, he is not armed to defend himself against the dangers of life outdoors, especially because of his curiosity and carelessness. He may, however, enjoy going out into a walled garden with his master.

With a relatively robust health, this cat “pot of glue” requires little maintenance despite its long coat. His name, which means “rag doll”, is explained by the fact that he relaxes like a doll when he is in your arms. He will need you to give him time every day and he will appreciate to sit several hours on your lap.

The Sacred of Burma

The Sacred Burma is a calm, affectionate and very serene cat, perfect for apartment living. If he appreciates the presence of his master, he knows how to be independent and accept loneliness, like the Russian Blue. On the other hand, he tends to play the pashas, even the divas! Indeed, he can sulk if he does not get what he wants, being particularly stubborn.

Quiet, he is also a player and will need toys to entertain, especially in your absence. He also tends to behave like a cat-dog, that is to say, he will enjoy playing with you and you throw him his favorite ball to bring it back to you.

The Siamese

The Siamese is an ideal animal for apartment living, although he is active and active. He is not able to defend himself against external dangers because of his innocence and his great curiosity; it is better not to let it out because it may be hurt or worse. However, you can let him spend a little in a walled garden and under surveillance.

Affectionate, he needs constantly cuddles and the presence of his master that he follows everywhere. He purrs loudly and is often very talkative. He will have difficulties to endure loneliness. So, if you are away during the day, adopt another cat or dog to keep him company.

The Sphynx

The Sphynx is a cat that lives very well in apartment, especially because of its nudity that makes him chilly. He needs warmth and your presence. On the other hand, he also has a great need to spend himself regularly during the day, which is why he will have to live, preferably, in a large apartment, with space and many toys.

The Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is appreciated for its natural elegance and grace, but also for its ability to withstand very good living in an apartment. This cat needs the presence of his master because he attaches a lot of importance. He will have great difficulty getting used to his absence.

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