Dog’s story


Dog’s story

Many topics and themes can be addressed because they are of interest to dog owners, outside and beyond major headings and issues such as dog breeds, dog health, and advice to breed a dog.

This is the purpose of this section which deals with more innocuous questions such as the calculation of the age of his dog, or the best breeds of watchdog or sheepdog, or recommendations for traveling with his dog, etc.

Terrier dogs: the 10 most famous breeds

Burrows are dogs of various sizes and very popular as pets. Under the term “terriers” is grouped a vast array of different breeds with specific common characteristics. These animals have a history close to that of the man who, over the centuries, have often used it for his purposes.

The characteristics of terrier dogs

All burrowing dogs have common origins, although some have nothing in common in appearance. Be that as it may, the burrows are small to medium-sized dogs, relatively agitated. Their name comes from the land, because of their use for underground hunting of den animals.

The story of the burrows is tinged with some violence. In the nineteenth century, they participated in competitions to kill the most significant number of rats, before taking part in dogfights. Fortunately, they are now mostly pet dogs, but some are still used for hunting.

The different breeds of terrier dogs

The classification of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) distinguishes five types of terrier dogs:

  • large and medium-sized terrier dogs,
  • small burrowing dogs,
  • bull terriers,
  • pet terrier dogs,
  • other terrier dogs.

Let’s discover 10 breeds of terrier dogs among the best known.

The Fox Terrier

There are two Fox-Terrier breeds, one short-haired and the other long-haired. This lively and very active dog is of medium size. With its right frame for a relatively short volume, it seems well built, for a height of about 40cm. Its smooth or hard coat is mostly white, but it may have red or black spots.

The Fox Terrier is made from burrow mixes made in England to get good hunting dogs. Brilliant, he is also very affectionate, especially with children. His strong character leads him to bark often and to be jealous of other animals, even more, significant than him. It is easy to educate and relatively obedient while supporting loneliness very well. The best-known Fox Terrier is undoubtedly Tintin’s faithful companion: Snowy!

The Irish Terrier

Elegant and lively, the Irish Terrier is an energetic and intelligent animal, particularly agile. It is about 45 cm tall, for both males and females, and is known for its color, red-orange color.

The Irish Terrier would have occupied Irish lands since the Bronze Age, and the breed we know today was officially registered in 1880, according to the first written standard. Used as a hunting dog, research dog, or watchdog, he is affectionate and faithful.

The Jack Russell Terrier

This small, agile, and robust dog with a strong personality is 25 to 30 cm tall. Its vivacity and intelligence make it a faithful and pleasant animal. The Jack Russel Terrier was born in England in the nineteenth century, thanks to the care of the Reverend John Russel who wanted a dog as fast as the Foxhound, but able to flush the animals underground during the hunt. This small, fearless toy dog will need a family capable of allowing him to do as he pleases.

The Scottish Terrier or Scottish Terrier

This small dog, with an average height of 25 cm, is massive and powerful to enter the burrows quickly. Robust and lively, it has ancient origins dating back at least to Roman times. Affectionate, faithful and reserved, but particularly stubborn, he will find a place in every home.

The Bull Terrier

At 35 to 50 cm high, the Bull Terrier is an atypical physical dog, with an egg-shaped head with tiny eyes and a unique compact and stable profile.
The Bull Terrier is a dog from a variety of crosses, including the Manchester Terrier and the English White Terrier. If he was designed to become a formidable fighting dog, he is now a perfect companion dog. It remains soft and balanced, provided that its aggressiveness is not stimulated.

The American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bulldog is a breed generally associated with dangerousness and power.
He is very affectionate, and he knows how to adapt his strength to the children to whom he is protective. Its broad silhouette is harmonious and well proportioned. Coming from 19th-century mixes between the burrow and the Bulldog, he arrived in the Americas with immigrants and conquered this new territory.

The American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier, from 43 to 49 cm high, is muscular, supple, and graceful. Born in the English colonies of Canada and North America from a cross between Bull-and-Terriers and the Blue Paul Terrier, it spread rapidly. His past as a fighter leaves him an image of dog brawling and violent, but he is very faithful and protective, especially towards children.

The Yorkshire Terrier

This tiny dog, 15 to 25 cm tall, is elegant and vigorous. Its harmonious silhouette and upright port give it a unique look. Its long and shiny coat is appreciated for its finesse, but less for the maintenance it requires.
Very intelligent and awake, the Yorkshire Terrier is committed to being respected for its courage and hunter terrier character, despite its small size and elegant appearance.

The Boston Terrier

This sturdy little dog, 25 to 40 cm tall, has a massive, square head on a sturdy, but the thinner body, with straight, muscular limbs. Its origins remain unknown, but it seems to be the crossing of the Bull Terrier, the Bulldog, and the French Bulldog. This cheerful, sweet animal with a perfect character is ideal in a home, but it is difficult to separate from his master, even for a few hours. Obedient and easy to educate, the Boston Terrier is also a friend of the horses and accompanies very well the riding sessions.

The Russian Black Terrier or Tchiorny Terrier

This large dog over 70 cm tall is, against all appearance, a Terrier, although it looks more like the Schnauzer type. Its large size and long frame give it a more stretched silhouette, despite massive musculature.
Created in the 1950s, the breed was meant to help police forces and the army in Russia. Easy to train, he is as good a tracker as he is a pet dog. Protector towards his family, he is intelligent, and he gets on well with all the animals.

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