My Dog ​​Barks All The Time. What To Do?


My dog ​​barks all the time. What to do?

A dog barking constantly is as painful for the master as it is for the neighbors. To stop this behavior, one must first find the cause.

A dog who spends his time barking can express his boredom, his fear, his anxiety, defend his territory or simply try to get your attention. To stop barking, must find the origin of this behavior, An anti-bark collar may be an interim solution.

Why does my dog ​​bark?

To stop this, one must first know why the dog is barking. Your dog may not have learned to be alone. Loneliness is not a natural situation for him and he manifests his distress by barking. In the garden, the dog can have many reasons to bark: people or passing animals, noises, cars … But your dog can also bark when he is afraid or he is facing something he does not know. Your dog may simply bark to catch your attention or may have just started to bark.

How to limit nuisance barking?

If your dog barks far too often to your taste, it is always possible to make it past this habit.


If he barks every time he is confronted with a situation or an unknown noise, it is because the dog needs to be more socialized. The more varied situations he will experience, the less he will react to different stimuli. Likewise, an obedient dog will be easier to silence.


Know that you can get silence long and easily if you have a reward to offer and if your attitude is consistent. When you give the order “silence”, the dog must be quiet to have his treat. Do not try to scream louder than him! Your dog is not deaf and, if you give the order in a low voice, he will have to be attentive and therefore keep quiet. If, at your command, the dog continues to bark, give him nothing; if he is silent, reward him.


You can also take the problem upside down and teach your dog to bark on command. When he barks spontaneously, say “bark” and reward him. Gradually give the command “barks” to trigger the behavior. Your dog is waiting for his reward. Then ask for “silence”. When he is silent, you give him his treat.

Anti-bark collars: for or against?

The anti-bark collars give a penalty to your dog when he barks. Some animals get used to it, others stop barking, but develop a substitution behavior. The dog can begin to lick frantically or to destroy its environment … The collar anti-barking makes it possible to stop the noise but without treating the cause. It must be used with great care and remains more of an emergency or waiting solution than real learning.

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