Physical description

The rooster is a farmyard bird that is part of the Gallinacea. The rooster is bigger than the chicken. It is also distinguished by a bright red crest resting on the head and its more developed barbels, by its lugs (kind of pointed nail located behind its paw), by the more dazzlings colors of its plumage and by its tail in the plume. Of feathers. The legs have Four fingers. It weighs on average Five kg and measures about 50 cm.

His place of life

The rooster is a fairly common animal on the planet. It is intensively bred primarily for its flesh and eggs. It is active only during the day which is why it cannot survive in the polar areas because the days are too short. He likes to sleep in a dark space at night and on a perch to watch his harem.

His diet

The rooster is omnivorous and feeds in the open air of seeds, some plants but also insects or other small animals that he finds by scratching the ground (worms, ants, amphibians, lizards, small rodents, etc..

His reproduction

The cock reaches sexual maturity after the age of eight months and will be fertile only for about one year. Before mating, he performs a great courtship. Then the hen squats and accepts the male who climbs on it. It is said that the rooster “seals” the hen.

The chicken lies on average One eggs per day and is directly fertilizable within 15 to 20 minutes. If there is mating at that time, the first egg laid will be fertilized and give birth to a chick. Whatever the case, the hen retains sperm that will use for the formation of the eggs that will lay in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Once she has laid a dozen eggs, the hen broods them for about 3 weeks. The chicks then emerge from their shells and will be reared for 1-3 months before detaching themselves from their mothers.

His life expectancy

A rooster, if he has not met with serious diseases, can hope to live until 12 or 15 years.

The cry of the cock

sings, cockroach or Coquelin. He begins to push his famous “Cocorico” around the age of four months.

Particular signs

The rooster gets up at dawn and sings immediately. This is why his cry has long been used as an hour marker, before the arrival of the clock.

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