The Cats


Raising a cat

Like all cat lovers, you probably want to know everything that is best for your favorite cat! So, you will discover here a lot of information on how to raise your cat from a young age, when it is only a small kitten, to its old age when the weight of the years begins to be made feel on the dynamism at half mast of your domestic cat …

Understand the behavior of his cat, educate him to behave properly, look after him when he is sick, maintain him so that he is beautiful and in great shape, cuddle him and listen to his purr … the day of cat owners is revealed here!

The health of cats

Cats are not immune to diseases and health problems, it is indeed for this reason that any cat owner is invited to deworm his cat to limit the risk of contagion by external parasites to the origin of skin diseases or internal parasites, including digestive worms.

The vaccination of the cat is part of the recommendations of veterinarians so that the animal escapes the viruses and bacteria causing infectious diseases such as the common cold, leucosis, typhus, rabies … The life of your cat can be implicated and especially those of other animals in case of infectious diseases.

We propose here to take stock of the health of the cat as a whole.

Cat story

It is not a question here of telling the story of the different cats since the section of cat breeds already evokes the origin of each one, nor to tell the small misadventures of the cats every day and even less to make you read tales on cats, no.

We propose here to address different topics and issues relating to cats that have no place in other existing sections: breeds of cats, breed a cat, cat health. It could be superstitions and beliefs around cats, calculating the age of a cat, the originality of some cats, etc.

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