Top 11 Most Peaceful Cat Breeds


Top 11 most peaceful cat breeds

Some cat breeds are considered calmer than others, which can be a real asset depending on the owner’s expectations and lifestyle, especially in an apartment, for the elderly and families with or without children. Discover the most peaceful cat breeds!

Maine Coon

This big cat very sweet and sociable can reach 14 kilos. Originally from the United States, he has a long hair and provided reminiscent of that of Angora. Despite its imposing size, Maine Coon is a concentrate of kindness and elegance appreciated for its patience, loyalty, and temperance. Its fur requires regular maintenance and suitable equipment to prevent knots.

The Norwegian

Similar to Maine Coon, this cat with the imposing physique prefers to live in the open air, but it also adapts to the interior life thanks to its calm temperament. However, he needs to let off steam with toys and suspended platforms because he loves to climb and observe his environment from above. Of an independent character, the Norwegian is an authentic companion, gentle and faithful.


Persian is known for its Angora hair type and characteristic facies with a flat nose and large round eyes. Familiar and calm, he spends most of his time sleeping, which makes him very discreet and easygoing, although he has a strong character! Often described as distant, it is a cat yet very affectionate and friendly who knows how to render the affection that is given to him without equal.

The British Shorthair

This teddy also has an original physique with its flat face and large amber eyes. His autonomous temperament allows him to stay alone without suffering from loneliness, which makes him an uncomfortable apartment cat. The player in his spare time, the British Shorthair knows how to be endearing and will come for hugs … when he has decided! His short hair requires a simple weekly brushing.

The Ragdoll

The ideal family cat, the Ragdoll (“rag doll”) has the fantastic feature of becoming quite soft when you carry it in your arms! Very affectionate, he will follow you everywhere in search of caresses and affection. His constant temperament makes him a calm and kind companion, suitable for apartment living. He is very confident about the human being and loves all members of the household.


A native of the United States, this cat with the funny name has a temperament close to that of the Ragdoll: it is a “cat dog” which is allowed to papouiller without balking and likes the company of the man and the children. It has a medium-long, silky fur that requires frequent brushing but is not too prone to knots. Player and docile, he needs presence, a lot of love and attention.

The Sacred of Burma

Also known as Burmese, this cat would have been a sacred animal in his home country. Its mid-long, silky coat, colorpoint dress, and beautiful blue eyes make it a refined and precious cat. Side temperament, Sacred Burma is a player and sometimes unpredictable, which can lead him to commit small nonsense! He is a sensitive companion and very attached to his master, shy and not very noisy.

Russian Blue

This cat, with a short and gray dress, lean physique, and green almond eyes is distinguished and mysterious! Extremely reserved, he needs a quiet and serene environment; otherwise, he may be stressed. The Russian Blue is not suitable for families with children but will delight singles or seniors. He adapts well to the interior life and is present and devoted to his master.

The Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a funny cat with droopy ears and big golden eyes. There is short-haired and medium-length hair, which can wear many dresses plain, stained or striped. It is an intelligent, friendly, and a reserved cat who appreciates the company of a man. Tender and docile, he has a calm temperament that makes him a perfect domestic companion for any person.

The Carthusian

We no longer present this breed, which still knows a great success. Gray cat with pure beauty and balanced temperament, the Chartreux is both quiet and teasing. Very autonomous, he can be shy with strangers but will melt the heart of the whole family! Its softness and discretion make it easy to live and compact, but it does not like agitation.

The American Shorthair

This cat with short hair and tiger dress is elegant, friendly and very sociable, including with children. Moderately active, it adapts well to living in an apartment but will need to play sessions to spend. The American Shorthair seeks the contact of his masters and is open to meetings even with other animals. Its health is stable and it’s easy maintenance, requiring a simple brushing.

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