Top 14 Ugly Animals But Not Too Much


Top 14 ugly animals but not too much

It is curious to note that animals that are a priori not very successfully manage to soften or amaze us. They have a particular thing. This is the case of those listed here: here are the Top 14 ugly animals, but not too much.

As we saw when we listed the grandiose crashes of Mother Nature in the matter of animal creation, this woman, like all working mothers, as many days filled. It happens that it goes through phases of floating, and the quality of its production can suffer.

We are going to take a look at a series that we will call “the in-between,” gathering some of the animals created by Mother Nature during these tense phases. They are not entirely hideous, but not insane with splendor no more. However, they have this little something that prevents them from tilting on one side or the other of the beauty/ugliness limit.

14 – The California Condor

It is one of the giant birds in the world (1.40 meters long, 2.90 wingspans), it’s already calm. His head, all peeled with a needy hole for the ear, is pitiful. On the other hand, his feather boa is quite chic. But it is when he flies that he becomes magnificent, when we see it from afar, so.

13 – The coconut crab

This thing measures 40 cm and can crack a coconut with its tongs. Anything that looks like a spider near or far makes me a flirt, but the colors, what, the colors …

12 – The Yeti Crab

Here, I fall in the apples if I meet him, but he is very trendy with his wig. That’s what saves him, his “fluffy” side that we almost – I almost say – want to caress.

11 – The Sphynx cat

It is curious to note that we, humans (finally human, especially), make sure to get rid of our hair. But as soon as an animal that is supposed to have it is glabrous, it is less attractive, even repulsive. This little kitten is the perfect example. It has a melting look, but for the rest, it looks like a plucked chicken.

10 – The nasal

The overdeveloped organ of this monkey is its weapon of massive seduction, and the longer it is, the more the male is likely to conclude. I hear some dissipated laughing at the bottom, no need to excite you guys; we talk about his nose.

9 – The Sarcocampus King

For those who wonder, yes, it’s a vulture, a beautiful beast that eats carrion species smaller than him. His bright colors advantageously compensate the outgrowths of his head.

8 – The bald ouakari

He is not bald; let’s say he has a prominent forehead. His little personal thing is his red face all burnt, that of a guy who would do well to empty a tube of Biafine on it.

7 – The four-fingered jerboa

Mother Nature is not responsible for this animal; it’s the trainee. He wanted to see what the crossing of a rabbit, a bird, and a rat was like. And since you must not spoil the material, the creature has been preserved.

6 – The tarsier

He looks like Gremlin, does not he? He is a small super zen primate living in Southeast Asia, in the trees, where he had to stumble on something to look at.

5 – The Baby Cape Aardvark

No hair + deformed legs + pork snout + rabbit ears = berk berk and re-berk. He manages to be touching; it’s crazy anyway.

4 – The warthog

Fucked trainee. A rhinoceros, a hippopotamus, a horse, and a cow? Really? That’s not the way you’re going to graduate; you better get me a coffee.

3 – Truncated chlamydospore

We would like for him that this shell is removable, alas it is not. There must be a reason for his presence but, apart from avoiding the hair full of dirt when he digs tunnels (it’s his big thing), we do not see. Scientists do not know much more; the animal is known to be elusive and mysterious.

2 – The forked caterpillar

The tail of this little caterpillar is forked. Nevertheless, it is all mini with its Granny Smith color and his little round eyes.

1 – The axolotl

The axolotl is a fantastic animal. He remains a larva all his life (we put a photo of axolotl young because aging, it looks less pleasant). Where he is incredible is that he can regenerate his organs if they are esquintés or outright destroyed, including his brain. He also compares transplantations remarkably well, and his embryos are exceptionally robust. They are therefore of great interest to scientists, who study them with great attention.

It would be easier for them to contact Mother Nature directly to know her manufacturing secrets, but she does not let anything. She’s afraid we’ll do stupid things by hacking her creations. If she knew, poor thing …

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